CHAPTER Songhkla

The Office Bar, Sadao Road 5
90110, Songkhla, Thailand
tel.: +66 84 539 24 99

Our clubhouse is located in the Songkhla Darkside on Sadao Road second floor over the Office Bar.. You also can meet us in the Corner Bier and in the Office Bar in Songkhla--both bars owned by brothers.


The OMC Thailand was founded in Songkhla, Thailand in May ,2009 by a former member of OMC Mactan, Philippines. Originally, there were a handful of members, all long-time friends, bikers and expats. OMC Thailand has grown to other chapters and a bunch of members, prospects, and hang-arounds. The OMC Thailand Main Chapter, OMC Songkhla, is represented by brothers from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Scotland,Thailand and the US.. OMC Songkhla members live in Songkhla or Hatyai, and most work offshore--oil, shipping, fishing, security--half the time. OMC Songkhla is a sponsor of local Bike Weeks and represents at all big bike events in Southern Thailand and larger events in Northern Thailand and Malaysia. OMC Songkhla supports the Hatyai School for the Blind and sponsors regular Charity Parties and Poker Rides. All bikers are welcome in OMC Songkhla's bars and are invited to enjoy with us the brotherhood, the bike events, the riding, the weather, the beaches, and the local delicacies.


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